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May Newsletter

Welcome to our news letter for May 2012. We will update you monthly with our newsletter, so please feel free offer any comments or suggestions!!

Health Visits – We would ask parents to please ensure that your child goes for all their health visits. This service is free and can offer invaluable support for any concerns you may have in relation to your child. Please talk to your child’s teacher before and after to share information.

Observations – Our quarterly observations on all the children will be complete at the end of May. Rachel will speak with you if we have any particular concerns, but in the meantime if would like to talk with Rachel about your child please do.

Just to remind all parents of our door policy. Please do not leave the main door unlocked when entering or leaving the building. Also we would kindly ask you not to let anyone that you are not familiar with into the nursery, all parents have the code and will understand that you may not know them. This is a safety & security issue so please adhere to this at all times. Many thanks for your co-operation.  A full list of our policies and procedures are on display in our hallway.

Also parents if your or anyone on the Child Record forms contact details change e.g. address, mobile number, you must inform us so that we can update our records, and please ensure that anyone collecting your child is listed as a nominated person on the form.

As the weather “should” become warmer we would ask parents to supply sun cream and sun hats if you have not already done so. Please do not use last year’s sun cream as creams have a best before date and can cause prickly heat rash, or else not provide full protection.

And finally, some great news, I would like you to join me in congratulating Tanya our Wobbler room teacher as she is Pregnant. Tanya is due her baby in October and will be with us until September. The new baby will be a little brother or sister for Kaylem. We would like to wish Tanya the best of luck with her pregnancy.

Parent Participation – we didn’t ask but ……….

Parents please feel free to come and visit, and if you would like to come and share something with us that you and the children would enjoy we’d love to hear from you, so please talk to Rachel. We are being deliberately vague on the but…. bit as we didn’t want to limit your suggestions.

Many thanks, from Rachel and all the staff @ Jellystone park!!!


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