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Jellystone Park June Newsletter

Welcome to our June Newsletter. We will update you monthly with our newsletter, so please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions!!

We kindly ask parents if their child is not coming into crèche or going on holidays to let us know.

We would ask parents not to allow their child to bring toys into the nursery, please leave them in the car. The toys are getting smaller and smaller and are hard for staff to keep track of, it is also encouraging the other children to bring in their toys too. As a result now most children are bringing in toys every morning.

Hopefully ‘Mr Sun’ will be around a lot in the coming months, so we would ask parents if they are not applying the once a day sunscreen at home, to bring in sun screen for their child to be left here. We can not use last years as they are only viable for 12 months.

Also as the ECCE scheme is finishing at the end of June, we will be organising a Graduation party for our Montessori guys and may even have a party bus!!! Watch our notice board for more information in the coming weeks.

Here in Jellystone we want to provide as much support to our Parents as we can, and one idea is to promote any new business operated by our Parents. So if you have a new business you would like us to mention, please talk to June or Rachel.

Parent participation, we didn’t ask but……….

If you would like to come and share something with us that you and the children would enjoy we’d love to hear from you, so please talk to Rachel. We are being deliberately vague on the but…. bit as we don’t want to limit your suggestions.

Many thanks, from Rachel and all the staff @ Jellystone park!!!


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