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Prime Time Expose on Creches

Prime Time Expose.

Dear Parent,

 As I am sure you are aware Primetime are doing an expose on undercover work in 3 creches and the mistreatment of children in their care at the time. This programme is due to air pending legal reason next week.

I want to take this opportunity to assure you that no such practices take place in Jellystone. Never have, and Never will. We would never allow any type of mistreatment to any child in any form. We pride ourselves in being a home away from home.

We are a small crèche, where every child knows all the Jellystone staff and where all the staff know each child.

Children are always spoken too and treated with respect.

We operate on an open door policy, you are free to come into the crèche at any time, even just to give your child a cuddle.

The bad practices used in the other crèches, will no doubt give you cause for concern, after all you are entrusting your child to us. I want to re-assure you that Jellystone have nothing to hide, as we would never mistreat, mishandle or verbally abuse any child in our care.

Please if you have any concerns, or suggestions, please make an appointment to see Rachel or June, and we can discuss this very upsetting matter together.

I do hope this helps alleviate some of the anxiety that this very upsetting matter may cause you.


All the staff in Jellystone.


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