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Jellystone Park Creche October Newsletter

Welcome to our Spooky October Newsletter. We will update you monthly with our newsletter, so please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions!!

We hope our Montessori class have settled into our ECCE programme. If you feel your child is still unsettled please talk to Rachel as the transition into this class should be more or less complete.

A couple of house keeping issues, that we would like to draw parents attention to:

  1. The front door is still being left open. Parents we really can not stress how important this is. We have moved the mat closer to the door so that you need to actually close the door each time it is opened and closed. It does not close itself. So please parents, ensure you close it after you each and every time. It only takes that once!! We really need your help. If you notice a parent leaving it open please tell them or a member of staff.

2.To all our part time parents, can you please ensure that you drop                off and collect your child within your agreed hours. If you are                        going to be more than 5 mins early/late if you could ring and let                    us know. This issue is really causing us a lot of delays throughout                the day and therefore delaying getting the teas and snacks                          prepared on time for the children. We do appreciate that life gets                in the way sometimes, so we will always try to be fair as we                          understand delays do sometimes happen. But your co-operation                would be appreciated.

We would like to remind our parents who have not already done so, to bring in some up to date photos for the family walls. We will be having our Spooky Halloween party on the 31st, so please keep an eye on our notice board for details.

It has been proposed that we email out our monthly newsletter to one parent in each family. So if you can ensure that your email addresses on your child record form are up to date, if not please write out any changes to your address, phones and emails, and we will attach it to the child record form. We will put a copy of the newsletter on our notice board each month too. If you would rather receive a hard copy, let us know it will not be a problem.


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