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Jellystone Park Creche May Newsletter

Welcome to our May Newsletter for 2014. We will update you monthly with our newsletter, so please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions!!

Thankfully the sun seems to be out for the moment, we know it is very early to be asking but if all parents could please provide sun screen for their child that can stay in Jellystone. Or if you’d prefer to apply your once a day sun screen at home, please let us know. We will be spending as much time as possible out in the fresh air having fun. Of course next week, we could be asking for snow boots, but once the cream is here it will be used throughout the summer. Your sun screen from last year is open for 12 months and will not offer protection after that date.

We would ask all parents to please ring or text us before 9.30 if your child is not coming into crèche. This is to cut down on wastage of food, as unless we hear from you all your childs food is prepared for the day.

We would like to remind all ECCE parents, that the ECCE payment is completed at the end of May and the full payment resumes from June 1st.

We would kindly ask all parents to please ensure you collect your child at your correct time. If you are going to be late please ring and let us know, its not a problem but we need to know. Also the crèche closes at 6pm daily so please ensure you are here before that time to collect your child. Although we do realise things happen to delay you, persistent lateness will mean that we will have no choice but to envoke our Late Payment Fee.

Parent participation, we didn’t ask but……….

If you would like to come and share something with us that you and the children would enjoy we’d love to hear from you, so please talk to Rachel. We are being deliberately vague on the but…. bit as we don’t want to limit your suggestions.

Check out our webpage www.jellystoneparknursery.ie

Check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/jellystonepark.creche

Many thanks, from Rachel and all the staff @ Jellystone park!!!


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