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Montessori 3.5 years to school age

At this stage children (3.8 years – school & ECCE) are becoming aware of their environment. Our curriculum is designed to meet each individual child, learning and developing at their own pace. Our nursery is not 100% Montessori, but children learn through play and by using key Montessori principles. All areas of development social skills, linguistic, physical, intellectual are covered.

Montessori Room

Montessori Room

Our curriculum includes six key areas:

  • Personal
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Early Maths
  • Language
  • Creative Development
  • physical development
  • and understanding and developing an appreciation of the world.

Young children learn in a holistic approach through play and other key experiences. We plan our curriculum’s in each room around themes to ensure that children have the opportunity to progress.

As a child develops positive feelings about themselves and their abilities they become curious and motivated to learn. They develop increased levels of concentration and self-confidence, and develop increased awareness in making and expressing choices, plans and decisions while taking great pleasure in personal achievement.

We help children gain an understanding of maths with hands on experiences provided through play activities – sorting, counting, recognising pattern and developing an awareness of numbers through play.

We also encourage development in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills. As language is key to effective communication, both verbal and non verbal. We encourage each child to talk about their experiences by listening to them and asking open ended questions. At storytime the teacher reads books to the class. This helps develop children’s pre- writing skills as they make marks on paper using pencils, crayons and paint. Children have access to our book corner at all times and we provide a place for them to sit and read.

Montessori Room

This room is designed for the educational and development needs of your child.

We recognise that children are naturally curious about their environment. Our focus is learning through activities that promote understanding and importance of our environment, bringing children into regular contact with trees, plants, animals and other elements of the natural environment such as sand, soil, rocks and water. The children are encouraged to talk about the weather and the seasons, where they live and some of the people who care for us in the local community, e.g. the postman, doctor, nurse.

Children enjoy respected choice and uninterrupted concentration. During this time they are allowed to focus and make progress on work/play of their own choice, with materials to which they have been introduced too by the adult.

The next step your child will take with us here at Jellystone is to move to from our care to School. However, the journey can continue with our range of After School Care programmes.

If you would like to arrange a viewing to come and visit our centre please call today on 01 2354946 or email us on jellystoneparknursery@gmail.com and our friendly care team will be happy to assist you.  Alternatively please visit our contact us page and fill in a short form and we shall be in touch with you in due course.