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Jellystone Park Creche September Newsletter

Welcome to our September Newsletter for 2014. We will update you monthly with our newsletter, so please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions!!

We would like to welcome all our new parents and children to Jellystone. Don’t forget to  our page and visit our webpage, as we have some handy tip sheets you may find useful. Any queries please just ask your teacher or Rachel.

For all our existing parents, the child observations are being finalised at the moment, if you have any concerns about your child in any respect please let us know, and we can keep an eye out for it.

For parents with children under 3, after each developmental check with your local health centre, we will give you a form for you to sign detailing any concerns that were raised. We hope by introducing this that it will improve feedback. In order to care for your child effectively the more information we have the better.

Parents we cannot stress the importance of involving us in your child’s welfare, health checks etc. So please keep us up to date with your child’s check up’s, allergies, milestones etc. The more we know the better.

A good tip: as soon as your child can walk, if you can walk them into crèche in the mornings. It does make the transition for your child much easier if they are not in your arms, and also encourages independence.

Parent participation, we didn’t ask but……….

If you would like to come and share something with us that you and the children would enjoy we’d love to hear from you, so please talk to Rachel. We are being deliberately vague on the but…. bit as we don’t want to limit your suggestions.

Check out our webpage www.jellystoneparknursery.ie

Check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/jellystonepark.creche

Many thanks, from Rachel and all the staff @ Jellystone park!!!


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