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Our Aims

The staff at Jellystone Park Creche/Montessori work as part of a team with parents sharing in the care of your children. We believe in close co-operation between parents and carers.  We aim to share information on your child, both at leaving and picking up times by providing you with a verbal report of meals, activities, play time during the day.  It is one of our core values offering parents quality care to the highest standards and to the best of our ability and

    • Commitment to the Safety of your child we provide a safe, stimulating and loving environment in which the needs of individual children can be met.  This ensures that each child develops all the essential early life skills they need to develop.
    • Jellystone park nursery will provide each child with a wide range of age appropriate toys that will meet their physical, social, emotional and linguistic needs. A well balanced planned curriculum is in place in each room.
    • At Jellystone it is our educational philosophy to treat each child as an individual, and bring out their best strengths. (All children are different and develop at their own pace).
    • We aim to provide quality care staff throughout our nursery to enable them to assist your child to flourish to their full potential.
    • We aim for your child to develop at their own pace in a happy stimulating environment. All staff have the child’s best interest first at all times.
    • We aim to provide planned activities for children to choose from and also allow for experiences that enable children to think and act on their own initiative, thus learning about themselves and the social world in which they live.

Please visit our child age group page for details of what we aim to provide for children within the classroom environment.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today by phone on 01 2354946 or email us on jellystoneparknursery@gmail.com and will be happy to assist you.  Alternatively please visit our contact us page and fill in a short form and we shall be in touch with you in due course.