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Wobblers 1-2 years

At the appropriate time, children move from our baby room into our wobbler room, or children can start directly into this room if they are at the appropriate age which is 1-2 years old. We manage the transition slowly and an introduction period will be put in place, before the full time move actually takes place.  This ensures that you child is ready and able for the move on their journey with us here at Jellystone Park.

Wobble room

This room is designed with your child’s needs to the forefront.  Offering security and safety in a fun, colourful and learning environment.

At this stage in their development, children are like sponges absorbing everything. As your child becomes more independent, we adapt the routine to cater to their expanding needs.  The routines will become a little more structured and free play is also encouraged.  This consists of lots of actions, songs and dance movement which are all important activities for this age group.

At Jellystone we recognise children of this age need to have time to explore and experiment but still need the cuddles and the attention they had as a baby. There is always time for a cuddle!

When the time is right you child will then progress onto our Toddler room.

If you would like to arrange a viewing to come and visit our centre please call today 01 2354946
or email us on jellystoneparknursery@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.