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Toddler 2-3 years

When children reach the toddler room, they are offered a more structured play and learning environment catering to their individual needs.  The emphasis in this room is fun messy play. This is a transitional time for your child and while in this room you will see many changes. Your child’s vocabulary will increase, putting together sentences instead of just words. Our staff encourage language development and good behaviour. We will work with each parent when its time for toilet training. Care of our self is also taught at this stage.  The next step your child will take with us here at Jellystone is to move to our Pre-School Room.

Jellystone Park Nursery

Our Toddler room is in keeping with design, safety, colour, and fun! The Jellystone philosophy for taking care of your child.

If you would like to arrange a viewing to come and visit our centre please call today on 01 2354946 or email us on jellystoneparknursery@gmail.com and our friendly care team will be happy to assist you.  Alternatively please visit our contact us page and fill in a short form and we shall be in touch with you in due course.